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Since long time ago I always wanted to know what the Enigma lyrics meant so one day I began to research about them.

Some of them were too easy to get, just by listening to them, but some others, like the Latin ones on "Sadeness" and Sanskrit ones on "The Child in Us" were not that easy !!

Fortunately, I could get most of them, although many latin chants are still incomprehensible ! I couldn't have done what you find here without the Great Help of many people.

You can find them on the CREDITS page. I know that many of you also wanted to know about Enigma's lyrics so I decided to share all this with you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I got all the lyrics !
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In this section you can find other artists who make Enigma-like music. A mixture of electronic and ethnic or classical rythms.
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I created three CD-booklets with all the Enigma Lyrics for you to print and add to your current Enigma CD-booklets. I used Microsoft Word for Windows, so if you use it, just click on the Menu CD-Booklets and download them. I hope you all enjoy them !! I want to know about you, what you think of Enigma and this page, so please, feel free to Sign my guestbook.
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Autographed CD
E4 Autographed by Michael Cretu I'm Very Happy to have got "Le Roi est Mort, Vive le Roi!"  and "The Screen behind the Mirror" CD autographed by Michael Cretu from Virgin Schallplatten. Here's the cover for you to see Cretu's signature ! E3 Autographed by Michael Cretu