This site is based on the one born in 1996 hosted by Geocities. My intention for the current site (born in May 2001) was to make it more graphical. Unfortunately due to problems between different browsers and platforms I was limited in using some nice graphical features. The whole site is enhanced for Internet Explorer users. Netscape users will see some alternative pages instead so I do encorage you to use Internet Explorer. You'll see the site as expected.

Images used on were taken from Enigma videos and digitally processed by me. My intention was to keep the Enigmatic theme according to what Enigma music is. Anyway I will hear suggestios regarding whatever you want to. is divided in Sections for easy navigation. You will find a Top Menu where you will be able to find everything in the site One Mouse Click far.

So let's see the different sections in detail:

General Information. Updates of the site. Latest News. Links to Original Samples used in Enigma songs.

Information about Michael Cretu and the people who helped to the Enigma project.

It is divided in 4 sections, corresponding to each Enigma Album.
MCMXC a.D. - The Cross of Changes - Le Roi Est Mort, Vive le Roi! - The Screen Behind the Mirror buttons are always on Top.

IE users will find a nice feature to help them to follow the lyrics. When you move the mouse over each Lyrics paragraph a "grey" background color will appear to guide you.

When a "Chant" is used in the song, you will see a box with 2 letters on the left indicating you the Language of such a chant.

In some cases, you will find a button on the right with the label "Click for Source" to see Source of the chant used with explanations and/or graphics.

Basic discography divided in 4 sections: Albums, CD-Singles, Videos and DVD with buttons always on Top for easy access.

Dynamic section. I will include a Search feature in the near future.
I want to THANK Martyn Wolley since most of the news come from his excellent site,

Dynamic Section. Enhanced for IE users.
You not only can leave your comments about the site here but also to make contact with other Enigma fans who will see your sign. It's a good choice to make new friends.
It is also very important for me to know your opinion in order to improve the site.
I included a Search engine to find what you are looking for in the Guestbook.

Dynamic Section. You will be able to discuss many different matters here.
The Message Board is divided in 3 levels:
Category: Main Themes to be discussed.
Forums: They belong to a its corresponding Category.
Topics: Every New matter you want to discuss is a Topic. Ask a question. Share something you know with others, etc.

Note: You must register before submitting any Topic. Why? I want it to be serious. This way all the fans will respect each other with their answers.
Apart from that, it is the only way for the system to let you know when you get a reply to your New Topic by email.

The Forums will have moderators. People who will control the visitors postings. I will need moderators for the new Forums, so you think you will be able to help me with this, just let me know by email to:

Up to now, I divided the whole Message Board in TWO Main Categories:
Enigma and Non Enigma. So You will be able to discuss everything regarding Enigma, Enigma related and Enigma-like Groups.

I also hear suggestions for opening New Categories and Forums.

I want to Thank my friend DJ for helping me to moderate the Enigma-like Forum.

I couldn't have got all the information without the help of many many people all over the world. It was a very hard work during the last 5 years. They deserve to be known. Special Thanks to Shailesh Prabhu. We became very good friends thru Internet although I'm very sorry to say that he is missing from September 1999. Shailesh, I miss your emails and your kind friendship.

Dynamic Section. Here you will find many Enigma-like bands. It will be growing as we find more bands. Again, Many Thanks to my friend DJ for helping me with this section. All comments are made by him.

We are always looking for Enigma-like music, so if you know other artists of the same style of music, just let us know. Also for new bands. You could send us your work on CD and we will make the corresponding reviews.

I created the Lyrics Booklets for your CDs. You can download them in two different formats: Word and PDF (Acrobat Reader).

This section is only currently for other Enigma sites but I will create another division for Enigma-like bands in the near future.

This is my Enigma collection. Not so huge as other Enigma fans though !

Divided in 4 sections:
Screensavers: Enigma Screensavers for Windows created by me.
Wallpapers: Wallpapers (background images for your computer) created by me.
Remix of the Month: You will find a different Enigma Remix each month.
Video of the Month: You will find a different Enigma Video each month.

Something about me for you to know me !

I will create more Sections in the future. I have in mind a:
VOTE Section to vote for your favourite Enigma songs, videos, albums, etc.

For any suggestion, comment, error found in the site, please, do not hesitate to email me:

Thank you for your visit !!
Osvaldo Dalzotto