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06 August 2001 New track Listing for New Enigma Album and CD-Single
The Track Listing for LSD has changed.

01. The Landing
02. Turn Around
03. Gravity Of Love
04. T.N.T. For The Brain
05. Modern Crusaders
06. Shadows In Silence
07. Return To Innocence
08. I Love You, I'll Kill You
09. Principles Of Lust
10. Sadeness Pt 1
11. Silence Must Be Heard
12. Smell Of Desire
13. Mea Culpa
14. Push The Limits
15. Beyond The Invisible
16. Age Of Loneliness
17. Morphing Thru Time
18. The Cross Of Changes.

01. Turn Around (Northern Lights Club Mix) 10:27
02. Age Of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Mix) 6:15
03. Push The Limits (ATB Remix) 7:52
04. Gravity Of Love (Judgement Day Club Mix) 5:59
05. Return To Innocence (380 Midnight Mix) 5:43
06. Sadeness (Violent U.S. Remix) 4:43
07. Principles Of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix) 4:56
08. Mea Culpa (Fading Shades Mix) 6:04
09. T.N.T. For The Brain (Midnight Man Mix) 5:57

Turn around (Radio edit) 3:54
Turn around (Northern Lights Club Mix)10:41
Gravity of love (Chilled Club Mix) 5:27
Video by Thomas Job

Source: Stefano Trentadue + Crocodile Music
25 July 2001 Multimedia Show: Enigma - Love, Sensuality & Devotion
There will be a Big Multimedia Show for the premiere of the forthcoming Album called "Enigma - Love, Sensuality & Devotion".
The premiere presumably will take place at the beginning of October in Hamburg, Germany.
The Show will dive people completely into the World Of Enigma.
This will be a combination of media: Video (new Edits and versions of the clips!), Laser light, immersive effects and special projections - natural everything in impressive Surround sound!

09 July 2001 Track listing for new Enigma Single and Album
New Single: Turn Around - 10.09.2001
The commercial single will include three tracks:
Turn Around single edit
Turn Around remix (approx. 11 minutes)
Gravity Of Love new version

New Album - Greatest Hits
"LSD - Love Sensuality Devotion" RD: 08.10.01

- The Voice Of Enigma
- Sadeness
- Principles Of Lust
- Mea Culpa
- The Eyes Of Trouth
- Return To Innocence
- Age Of Loneliness
- Turn Around (NEW SINGLE)
- Morphing Thru Time
- Beyond The Invisible
- Why!
- The Roundabout
- Push The Limits
- Gravity Of Love
- Smell Of Desire
- Modern Crusaders
- Silence Must Be Heard
- The Cross Of Changes

The Remix Collection:
- Age Of Loneliness
- Push The Limits
- Gravitiy Of Love
- Return To Innocence
- Sadness
- Turn Around
- Priniciples Of Lust
- Mea Culpa
- The Eyes Of Truth

Information source - Stefano Trentadue
02 July 2001 New Enigma Single Comes In Sept
The brand new single is going to be released on September 10, 2001 in Germany ( Not sure where else at this early stage - but as time goes on more info will become available on this page ) The title will be "Turnaround".

The Enigma "Best of" albums "Love Sensuality Devotion" and the "Remix" album will both be released on October 8, 2001. Virgin is planning on a "Worldwide" release campaign, but each country will set it's release date which could vary from the European dates. Track listing for both "Best of" albums are still not available but will be featured here as soon as they are.

27 June 2001 Sandra Single Title Announced
The title of the new Sandra single was announced by Virgin Germany. The single will be titled "Forever" and was expected to be released in late August. Rumors circulating however seem to point to a delay until later, although this is still un-confirmed.

Information source - Virgin Germany, Lucio from Sandra Home Page and Enigmafan from the EMB
14 May 2001 New Andru Donalds Single
There is a new single produced by Michael Cretu for Andru Donalds called "Someday".
it can now be heard on the Donalds music page. The track appears on the latest album "Let's Talk About It" which was released earlier this year. The new single release date in Germany is on May 28th 2001.
The track listing as follows:
1. Someday 4:22,
2. Just for one Day (taken from "Snowing Under My Skin")
3. Living for Tomorrow 5:01

Click here to hear the new single on now!!

Information source - Martyn Woolley
24 April 2001 Enigma "Best Of" Announced and Sandra Album title
News that 2 Enigma "Best of" albums will be released probably in November 2001. The first one which will contain all "Original" mixes and will also contain 1 new Enigma track will be called "Love Sensuality Devotion" The second CD called "REMIX ALBUM" will contain and I quote "all ENIGMA remixes, including a remix of the new single". Altough not mentioned or stated in the press release is whether it will be a double album or just 2 single albums. My interpretaion of this would be a double album. I am in the process of confirming this part of the information.

A new Sandra album will be released as earlier reported on this page, and has now been confirmed by her management. The title of the album will be "Wheel Of Time" and it will contain 11-12 new tracks written by several writers and produced as ever by Michael Cretu. A new single to accompany the album is expected in late August with no title as of yet.

Information source - Crocodile Music
04 April 2001 USA DVD release date announced
Virgin USA has announced that the US release date for the "Remember the Future" DVD will be May 22nd 2001. Good news finally for the US Enigma Fans!

Information source - Virgin USA and Martyn Woolley
27 March 2001 Sandra To Release A New Album This Year!!!
Good news from Germany, Virgin has confirmed that Michael Cretu and Sandra are working on a brand new Sandra album!!. The release date is expected in the last quarter of 2001 (Oct-Dec). This would be Sandra's first NEW album since "Fading Shades" which was released in 1995, 6 years ago. It would also be the first Sandra album since the birth of the Cretu's twins Sebastian and Nikita. No other information regarding the new album is available at this time, but we will keep you posted as things progress.

Information source - Virgin Germany and Martyn Woolley
13 March 2001 "Remember the Future" DVD releases in Europe and Canada
The long awaited Enigma DVD "Remember the Future" has now been released in most European countries with Canada also pleasently surprisingly releasing the same week. The U.S.A. release date is expected late April or May. Some US online shops are suggesting the late April release but this is as of yet confirmed "officially". For those fans wanting to get a glimpse of the DVD please CLICK HERE to see the promo or track 1 on the DVD.

Information source - Virgin Germany and Martyn Woolley