15 Years After - The Collectors Box - Release Date: Dec.9th 2005

From Nov.16th On, the first 1000 fans (no matter where they are located), who order the ENIGMA - 15 YEARS AFTER - high quality collection at www.amazon.de will get the box HANDSIGNED from Michael Cretu.

"Enigma-15 Years After", from contents to construction, is a high quality work. A massive, LP sized book that completely compiles 15 enigmatic years of music history. All 5 studio albums and both DVD's (with video clips that are themselves little works of art and have been used in their entirety for a Planetarium show) are included and serve as the book ends for a unusual, 16 page artistic booklet.
Also included in the box is a special, unreleased remix cd, The Dusted Variations". Produced especially for this collection by England's most successful producer, Rollo Armstrong of Faithless, the cd is a mix of Enigma classics all replayed by Rollo himself (rather than relying on sampling the original recordings) and blended together in to a seamless 45 minute homage that updates as well as celebrates the Enigma classics
Last, but not least, another goody for true Enigma fans: Hello & Welcome.
The latest Enigma single, Hello & Welcome, has been chosen by up and coming boxing superstar Felix Sturm as his theme music when he fights for the title in Germany on November 26, 2005. His march in to the ring on this night will be the world premier of the single!!

Box Contents:

· 6 CDs:
- The Cross Of Changes
- Le Roi Est mort, Vive Le Roi!
- The Screen Behind The Mirror
- Voyageur
- Enigma: The Dusted Variations: 45 minute Enigma Mix by Rollo Armstrong
of Faithless
(including: Child In Us, Age Of Loneliness, Eyes Of Truth, Rivers Of Belief, Sadness Part 1, Sadness Part 2, Voyageur, Beyond The Invisible)
and Hello & Welcome (Single)

· 2 DVDs:
- Remember The Future
- MCMXC a.D. -The Complete Videos auf DVD

About Enigma
In 1990, the birth of Enigma signalled a major change in Pop Culture. Michael Cretu didn't follow trends, he set them. Equivalent to a musical Noah's Ark, mastermind Michael Cretu sailing on his sound ship Enigma unites the most diverse cultures of all the continents from the most varied of epochs. Enigma was, and is, continuing to invent continuum. Whether one wants to dance or dream, suffer, love or meditate, Enigma sends everyone a different signal.
The first single from Enigma, Sadeness Pt. 1 was a border and generation spanning best seller. The single enjoyed the top chart position in 24 countries and its corresponding album, MCMXC a.D. was in the American Billboard charts for 5 years!!
The 5 Enigma studio records- MCMXC a.D." (1990), "The Cross Of Changes" (1993), "Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!" (1996), "The Screen Behind The Mirror" (2000) and "Voyageur" (2003)- have sold over 30 million copies world wide. Enjoying #1 status in over 50 countries and receiving over 90 Platinum records world wide, Enigma is by far Germany's most successful musical artist.
The American trade Bible, Billboard, praised Enigma as "music for a new millennium" and The New York Times also attested that "the refined Studio-Pop music of Enigma is an international phenomenon"

About Michael Cretu
"No words can explain music, music always explains itself," says Michael Cretu, born in Bucharest 46 years ago. As a little boy, Cretu had already been accepted to the "Highly Gifted Advancement for Musical Talents" as a pianist. In 1978 he finished his musical studies at the Frankfurt music school Cum Laude. Intentional was his step from classical music to pop. As a musician, instrumentalist, soloist, composer, arranger he became one of the "most successful German music producers" (Focus Magazine). Whether producing his wife Sandra, number 1 German Pop act of the 80's (no. 1 chart positions in 30 countries) or countless other international Pop artists like Mike Oldfield or Andru Donalds, the numerous international awards and the sales of more than 100 million records say enough. His work ethics: do not pay attention to the laws of the market and trends and Cretu has definitely been proven to be right when he revolutionized the world of sound with his project ENIGMA.