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Bi Polar

2003 Classical and electronic music are mixed in this CD. Melody lines are gently embedded in an electronic background, surrounded by a trance-inducing carpet of sound. Familiar melodies are altered and amended, shifted into new environments, accompanied here and there by soft beats. The duo give works such as the beautifully simple “Gymnopédies” by French composer Eric Satie an electronic cloak, smoothly interwoven with a smattering of strange samples. Blüchel and von Deylen turn the minimalist harmonies of Philip Glass’s “Étoile Polaire” into a small but opulent overture. George Gershwin’s legendary “Summertime” drifts between mysterious sounds and unusual harmonies. Running through the entire album, however, is an ingenious balance between classical and electronic elements. Instead of playing compositions off against programmed material and vice versa, the duo are always looking for the ideal synthesis. Exercising professional restraint regards their techno skills, Blüchel and von Deylen only employ pulsating rhythms in certain passages according to the flow of the music.