Click to buy this CD 1990 Sadeness Part I

5:03 Sadeness Part 1 (Violent U.S. Remix)  
3:01 Sadeness Part 1 (Meditation Mix) 
5:04 Sadeness Part 1 (Extended Trance Mix) 
4:17 Sadeness Part 1 (Radio Edit)

1991 Mea Culpa part II

6:15 Mea Culpa part II (Fading Shades Mix) 
3:59 Mea Culpa part II (Orthodox Version) 
3:54 Mea Culpa part II (Catholic Version)

1991 Principles of Lust (1991) 

4:50 Principles of Lust (Album Version) 
5:25 Principles of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix) 
3:06 Principles of Lust (Jazz Mix)

Click to buy this CD 1991 The Rivers of Belief (1991) 

4:24 The Rivers of Belief (Radio Edit) 
7:49 The Rivers of Belief (Extended Version)  
3:46 Knocking on Forbidden Doors

1993 Carly's Song

3:47 Carly's Song  
6:31 Carly's Song (jam & spoon remix)  
3:11 Carly's Loneliness 
4:00 Carly's Song (instrumental)

Click to buy this CD 1993 Return to Innocence

4:03 Return to Innocence (radio edit)  
7:07 Return to Innocence (long & alive version) 
5:55 Return to Innocence (380 midnight mix)  
3:01 Return to Innocence (short radio edit)

Click to buy this CD 1994 The EYES of Truth

4:36 The EYES of truth (radio edit) 
7:27 The EYES of truth (album version) 
7:17 The EYES of truth [gotterammerung mix (The Twilight of the Gods)]  
5:34 The EYES of truth (dub version 140bpm)

Click to buy this CD 1994 Age of Loneliness (1994) 

4:14 Age of Loneliness (Radio Edit) 
3:31 Age of Loneliness (Clubby Radio Edit)  
6:23 Age of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Mix 128 bpm) 
6:28 Age of Loneliness (Jam & Spoon Remix 93 bmp) 
5:19 Age of Loneliness (Album Version)

Click to buy this CD 1994 Out from the Deep

4:27 Out from the Deep (Radio Edit) 
6:44 Out from the Deep (Rock Version) 
5:49 Out from the Deep (Trance Mix 168bpm) 
3:30 Out from the Deep (Short Radio Edit)

1996 Beyond the Invisible

4:30 Beyond the Invisible (Radio Edit) 
3:42 Almost Full Moon  
5:05 Beyond the Invisible (Album Version) 
5:10 Light of your Smile 
3:42 Beyond the Invisible (Short Radio Edit)

Click to buy this CD 1997 T.N.T for the Brain

4:00 T.N.T. for the brain (Radio Edit)  
5:56 T.N.T. for the brain (Midnight man remix) 
4:34 T.N.T. for the brain (Album version) 
4:07 T.N.T. for the brain (Instrumental)

1999 Gravity of Love

Gravity of Love (Radio Edit)  
Gravity of Love (Judgement Day Club Mix) 
Gravity of Love (Dark Vocal Club Mix) 

Click to buy this CD 2000 Push The Limits

3:54 Push The Limits (Radio Edit)  
8:30 Push The Limits (ATB Remix) 
6:25 Push The Limits (Album Version) 
3:35 Push The Limits (ATB Radio Remix)
3:54 Multimedia: The Video 

Click to buy this CD 2001 Turn Around

03:54 Turn Arournd (Radio Edit)  
10:41 Turn Around (Nothern Lights Club Mix) 
05:27 Gravity of Love (Chilled Club Mix) 
Multimedia: Video by Thomas Job

Click to buy this CD 2003 Voyageur

03:53 Voyageur (Radio Edit)  
04:52 Voyageur (Chillout Mix) 

Click to buy this CD 2003 Following the Sun

04:12 Following the Sun (Radio Edit)  
05:18 Following the Sun (Album Version) 
04:30 Voyageur (Fab 4 Mix)

Click to buy this CD 2003 Boum Boum

03:43 Boum Boum (Radio Edit)  

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