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WOW!!!!! Marina28/06/2003
Waiting has finally come to an end: The new album "VOAYGEUR" by master ... (more)
RE: WOW!!!!! Lusaen29/06/2003
Yeah !! At last :-)
Satanic Martin Modernell19/06/2003
Dear Carlos:

If my answer to your inquire, in any possible way offend to ... (more)
Merry returns to everyone who sent me their expresion.Some of you'll sent me som ... (more)
RE: Satanic mcmxcad20/06/2003
dude, i am a producer. i do extensive work and i am always editing video and au ... (more)
RE: SatanicStranger17/06/2003

Go to the following link:

http://www.enigmamusic. ... (more)
Enigma - My favourite music Quoc Viet06/09/2003
Hi everyone! My name's Viet.I love Enigma music & it's lyrics.I have all of ... (more)
Snow of the Sarah enigmasvoice06/08/2003
Did enigma do this song, when I downloaded it, enigma came up as the artist. I ... (more)
RE: Snow of the SarahDark_Elder06/12/2003
Emmmmmm, if my memory serves me well, that I can say this is not an Enigma-Relat ... (more)
RE: Snow of the Sarah marina06/09/2003
well i have this song but im not sure that it was made by enigma an ... (more)
RE: RE: Snow of the Sarah (anonymous)13/06/2003
Hi, I got this album too, found also in russia (see Sleep below)... the album ha ... (more)
Sleep... is it E5? Klaus06/07/2003
Been in Russia and found a CD titled Sleep by Enigma, edited 2003 by M. Cretu, w ... (more)
RE: Sleep... is it E5? marina06/09/2003
well i live in Russia but ive never seen this not sure that it is real ... (more)
RE: RE: Sleep... is it E5? marina06/09/2003
by the way...when were u in Russia and where are u from?:))) i just wonder:)))(more)
RE: RE: RE: Sleep... is it E5? (anonymous)13/06/2003
Been in Russia, St Petersburg, from May 24 to June 02.
I am From Italy.
RE: RE: RE: RE: Sleep... is it E5? mcmxcad20/06/2003
it's quite possible that cretu has taken on other projects as well such as a pro ... (more)
enigma & gregorian are allied???? gari padernal06/03/2003
is that true,,that enigma and gregorian are allied??hmmmmmmmm,,,,,i would agree ... (more)
Anything new about the new album?Dark_Elder06/01/2003
RE: Anything new about the new album? mcmxcad20/06/2003
no release date yet. speculation is late '03.
I think most of Enigma's song's are satanic.Can anyone disagree with me.
RE: Satanic LILU26/06/2003
AND WHAT´S G ... (more)
RE: Satanic Logan14/06/2003
Enigma may or may not be Satanic.

I would believe in God, even if there ... (more)
RE: RE: Satanic mcmxcad20/06/2003
"there is no god who'd"..... simply says that all the holy wars, crus ... (more)
RE: Satanic jeevanajan13/06/2003
who said it is satanic. do u know what is satan and what is od. i assure u don' ... (more)
RE: SatanicDark_Elder06/12/2003
No matter enigma is Satanic or not, I don't care.....

A Chinese such as I ... (more)
RE: RE: Satanic mcmxcad20/06/2003
so... do you swear to god that you are atheist?
RE: Satanic Asia06/09/2003
But look at "Return to Innocence", "Eyes of Truth", "Si ... (more)
RE: Satanic Logan06/07/2003
Actually the song 'Modern Crusaders' sounds a lot like some Satanic songs that I ... (more)
RE: RE: Satanic mcmxcad20/06/2003
how about this theory: what if the lyrics were meant to just be. no satanic int ... (more)
RE: RE: Satanic Asia06/09/2003
I agree with you and I believe it isn't satanic.
Michael is greek-orthodox.

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