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Congrats To The Admin Dave15/11/2003
I want to say thanks to the web designer and everyone that participated in devel ... (more)
Singer? RandyAndy13/11/2003
Who is the female singer on the song "The Child In Us"? That song is A ... (more)
RE: Singer? Ashuram14/11/2003
The female singer, I think, is unknown because it is just a sample which Mr Cret ... (more)
RE: RE: Singer?Dionigi20/11/2003
you can find the same sample in the song "Bells, books and candles" by ... (more)
RE: RE: RE: Singer? arvind21/11/2003
the female who sung "child in us ", is an indian . It is an indian spi ... (more)
The PianoOdissey11/11/2003
After the enigma fans disliked the album because of the new style of enigma, Eni ... (more)
RE: The Piano Abraham22/11/2003
Que tal a mi parecer los mejores temas del disco Voyageur son:

From East ... (more)
RE: The Piano Albert13/11/2003
I think the same, the bests song are:

-From East To West
... (more)
page of cups caleb11/11/2003
hello evrybody, will somebody knows the lyrics of the song page of cups in E5?? ... (more)
RE: page of cups (anonymous)11/11/2003

RE: RE: page of cups caleb14/11/2003
i know its french, but i'd like to know what does it say the lyric
RE: RE: RE: page of cups TomalaM17/11/2003
For all my life I'm there,beside You
I'm Your destiny
My love

In Yo ... (more)
turk fanlari ariyorum.. irenqli..11/10/2003
turkiye kimse mi enigma dinlemiyor yahu?.. arkadaslar sizleri merak ediyorum ve ... (more)
Attention.. Zaboor..11/09/2003
Enigma has become a speacial part of my life...i just wanna know the meaning of ... (more)
Gravity of love lyricsJamie11/08/2003
This is my favourite song but I have one question about these lines :
Don't t ... (more)
RE: Gravity of love lyrics Ashuram14/11/2003
Follow the trace to a new start...definetely
RE: Gravity of love lyrics TomalaM11/09/2003
Follow the trace for a new start
RE: RE: Gravity of love lyrics(anonymous)11/12/2003
It really doesn't sound like that though....
gregorian song dominic11/06/2003
quand un album de chants gregorie ????
Voyageur release in DK The girl with the boxes11/05/2003
Does anybody know when the new album is released in Denmark?!?
I am desperate ... (more)
My message to all who like Enigma Witch Sabine11/01/2003
I like the Protject Enigma very much but I think " The Screen Behind the Mi ... (more)
RE: My message to all who like Enigma Gabe13/11/2003
My favourite one is "Le Roi Est Mort. Vive Le Roi !".
But the other ... (more)
RE: My message to all who like Enigma (anonymous)11/03/2003
LSD is a greatest hits album , so that doesn't count!
RE: RE: My message to all who like Enigma(anonymous's suppoter)11/09/2003
And nor does the Turn Around single count,either.
CONGRATULATIONS Rocio Armenta Olivo 28/10/2003
HELLO you are my heros

I LIKE THIS ... (more)
hello im mexican to,im very glad to see that other mexicans like enigma.
What ... (more)
The meanig of "Return to Innocence" lyrics Ashuram26/10/2003
I've read on many message boards and there is one question that remains common, ... (more)
What happened with the enigma“s sites?Angry Odiseo25/10/2003
Where are the images of the enigma-4 page, cause the website have dissapeared.(more)
indian chanting lyricsCarlos25/10/2003
Can someone pls tell me where I can find the lyrics for thes song Indian Chantin ... (more)
RE: indian chanting lyrics Dionigi29/10/2003
Indian chanting is not ENIGMA's!!!!!!!!
This song is called DAWA (if I'm not ... (more)

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