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A question! Ah, long time since last!!!!Dark_Elder01/06/2003
As we know there is a very famous track called "Why!!!" in e3, and it ... (more)
Video skating? Hawk01/03/2003
Hello out there.
I have a faded memory from MTV or something similare. A vide ... (more)
RE: Video skating? Dave01/06/2003
Hello.... The video is "beyond the invisable........ if you buy the DVD, it ... (more)
RE: Video skating? Dave01/06/2003
Hello.... The video is "beyond the invisable........ if you buy the DVD, it ... (more)
the turn around lyrics!!!!!!!!! REEM01/02/2003
i've been gettin 2 differnet lyrics of turn around!!!!
which is the real one ... (more)
RE: the turn around lyrics!!!!!!!!!Dark_Elder01/06/2003
Personally, I agree to the first one, "no more age of ...".
But lyr ... (more)
LOVE U marina01/02/2003
my dear friends from different countries who like enigma as much as i do
marr ... (more)
türk fanlar aranıyor jean reno24/12/2002
ankaradan enigma fanlarý varsa tanýþalým...
RE: türk fanlar aranýyor rabia01/05/2003
ank dayým:) mailimi yazdým mail at tanýsalým...
Merry Christmas :-)) TomalaM20/12/2002
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!!!!

TomalaM from Poland :-)))
I find a now enigma allbum ryad17/12/2002
so hello..
I find a new allbum of enigma and I hope that you tell me if it's ... (more)
RE: I find a now enigma allbum jonas frankie18/12/2002
what kind album do you fuond ? 'cause I have all enigma albums
RE: I find a now enigma allbumDark_Elder17/12/2002
I guesssssssss.......... it couldn't be a real new one.
anyone knows ???jR15/12/2002
i had an audio album of ENIGMA. on the title it was written ENIGMA 5 and the tit ... (more)
clarification sought karthick13/12/2002
Why did the SHAMAN say

Not able to fi ... (more)
RE: clarification soughtRocco17/12/2002
well.... I read this somewhere ... in a enigma related site... anyways... seem ... (more)
RE: RE: clarification sought (anonymous)18/12/2002
thank you very much rocco.
will be happy if u can get the web portals name.:- ... (more)
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!Dark_Elder12/10/2002
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark_Elder from China.
RE: Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! jonas frankie18/12/2002
merry christmas to you too, i hope you have wonderful joy
Is Cretu Lossing it??Rocco12/10/2002
I think after this last new single "Turn Around" M. Cretu is trying to ... (more)
RE: Is Cretu Lossing it??Dark_Elder12/10/2002
I don't know, but this "Turn Around" really wants us to take a revisio ... (more)
was this the last secret?Canniscerbelus12/09/2002
In the dvd of enigma ,in the section of the song push the limits, the narrator s ... (more)
How do you think about E5?Dark_Elder12/09/2002
E5 will come in the early 2003, it is also very longed. Give a imagination of th ... (more)
A question... ^_^Dark_Elder12/06/2002
Ahhh, here is a question for everyone who are longing the E5 which will be ours ... (more)
RE: A question... ^_^ TomalaM12/06/2002
Enigma 2 'The Cross of Changes'.
RE: RE: A question... ^_^Lenjon13/12/2002
E5 already excist: Love Sensuality Devotion is called E5!
always here skwo12/01/2002
I am almost always here. When ever I have spare time I am here.....
Anybody here? Lenjon28/11/2002
it had been silence here for a week now! Anybody still there? Dark Elder? Are yo ... (more)
RE: Anybody here?Dark_Elder12/05/2002
Thank you for your caring(care + ing).
Just I can't ma ... (more)
RE: Anybody here? marina12/01/2002
well big kisses from Moscow - im still here and oh my God its so cold in Russia ... (more)

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