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A question! Ah, long time since last!!!!Dark_Elder01/06/2003
As we know there is a very famous track called "Why!!!" in e3, and it is very popular because it cates to the taste of most of the people around the world. But I don't know why didn't Michael Cretu put this track in e-LSD. Don't tell me that you don't know about e-LSD!!!
hehe... Still a little busy, sorry!!!
Oh, special blessing to Lenjon.
Video skating? Hawk01/03/2003
Hello out there.
I have a faded memory from MTV or something similare. A video there people dressed up in strange ways were skating in a forest (or frozen swamp) like world.
Does anyone of you fellas know what song it was and if the video i somewhere to get or download?
RE: Video skating? Dave01/06/2003
Hello.... The video is "beyond the invisable........ if you buy the DVD, it is on there......

Happy Enigmaing
RE: Video skating? Dave01/06/2003
Hello.... The video is "beyond the invisable........ if you buy the DVD, it is on there......

Happy Enigmaing
the turn around lyrics!!!!!!!!! REEM01/02/2003
i've been gettin 2 differnet lyrics of turn around!!!!
which is the real one..the one that says, " no more age olf lonliness, u are a part of me," or when it says, " u'll reach your holiness......"
its just confusing me thats all..i really wana know the real one........thanx a lot!
RE: the turn around lyrics!!!!!!!!!Dark_Elder01/06/2003
Personally, I agree to the first one, "no more age of ...".
But lyrics of Enigma is always not very easy to listen or to understand. ^_^
LOVE U marina01/02/2003
my dear friends from different countries who like enigma as much as i do
marry christmas and happy new year
i wish all of u happyness luck freedom and everything what u want to have
with love marina from Moscow
türk fanlar aranıyor jean reno24/12/2002
ankaradan enigma fanlarý varsa tanýþalým...
RE: türk fanlar aranýyor rabia01/05/2003
ank dayým:) mailimi yazdým mail at tanýsalým...
Merry Christmas :-)) TomalaM20/12/2002
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!!!!

TomalaM from Poland :-)))
I find a now enigma allbum ryad17/12/2002
so hello..
I find a new allbum of enigma and I hope that you tell me if it's really a new album.
RE: I find a now enigma allbum jonas frankie18/12/2002
what kind album do you fuond ? 'cause I have all enigma albums
RE: I find a now enigma allbumDark_Elder17/12/2002
I guesssssssss.......... it couldn't be a real new one.
anyone knows ???jR15/12/2002
i had an audio album of ENIGMA. on the title it was written ENIGMA 5 and the title cover having a picture of *snake* on it. i lost this album but i remember it includes tracks like mea culpa, sadeness (violent u.s mix) and more but the track i was lookin for is * SO SAD * (not sure of the title) and that was the First Track of that Album, anyone knows about it, please confirm wht the track name is.. remember that was the first track of SIDE A of that album .. i didn't find this album at my place and was looking to download it from somewhere.. help me!
clarification sought karthick13/12/2002
Why did the SHAMAN say

Not able to find the answer on the net.Does any one know.
RE: clarification soughtRocco17/12/2002
well.... I read this somewhere ... in a enigma related site... anyways... seems to be that in ancient times, when evolution was taking place... some dolphins tired of old cultures and tired of the sea, decided to walk off the sea and into a new world, leaving behind the rest of their species. After time, they became humans. The other dolphins left behind saw this, and tried the same thing but now it was too late, they all died in the attempt. Man kind became their dream , a dream for ever lost. And that's why they are so friendly with us...... I'll try and get the site name where I read this.
RE: RE: clarification sought (anonymous)18/12/2002
thank you very much rocco.
will be happy if u can get the web portals name.:-)
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!Dark_Elder12/10/2002
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark_Elder from China.
RE: Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! jonas frankie18/12/2002
merry christmas to you too, i hope you have wonderful joy
Is Cretu Lossing it??Rocco12/10/2002
I think after this last new single "Turn Around" M. Cretu is trying to introduce us a new kind of Enigmatic sound, Somewhere around trans-tech and pop. I just hope that cretu's idea of a new Enigma is somewhere around what we have experienced.

RE: Is Cretu Lossing it??Dark_Elder12/10/2002
I don't know, but this "Turn Around" really wants us to take a revision of the first four Enigma Albums (the first Around).

was this the last secret?Canniscerbelus12/09/2002
In the dvd of enigma ,in the section of the song push the limits, the narrator says:
'was this the last secret?', while in the video the girl that was fighting with the boy fell to the ground and dies, can anyone tell me what will happen in enigma 5?
How do you think about E5?Dark_Elder12/09/2002
E5 will come in the early 2003, it is also very longed. Give a imagination of this new album which is by the hands of Michael Cretu. Ahhhhhhhhhh, how it will be?
A question... ^_^Dark_Elder12/06/2002
Ahhh, here is a question for everyone who are longing the E5 which will be ours in 2003. If it is world apart from the firist albums, will you still continue to suppor Michael Cretu.
(I mean the if E5 disppoint you)
RE: A question... ^_^ TomalaM12/06/2002
Enigma 2 'The Cross of Changes'.
RE: RE: A question... ^_^Lenjon13/12/2002
E5 already excist: Love Sensuality Devotion is called E5!
always here skwo12/01/2002
I am almost always here. When ever I have spare time I am here.....
Anybody here? Lenjon28/11/2002
it had been silence here for a week now! Anybody still there? Dark Elder? Are you allright?
RE: Anybody here?Dark_Elder12/05/2002
Thank you for your caring(care + ing).
Just I can't make new question to ask.
Yes, quite busy these days. Don't have enough time to visit here. Everyday evening after classes, just don't have any power to move, and I felt my skeleton are collapsed.
RE: Anybody here? marina12/01/2002
well big kisses from Moscow - im still here and oh my God its so cold in Russia now id like to live somewhere in Africa its minus 15 brrrrrrrrr
anyway i love all of u here
see u

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