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Somebody can help me? Marco Aurélio Nogueira da Silva21/05/2003

My name is Marco Aurélio and i'll like to receive photos, of the group Enigma, Somebody has?

Well done webmaster, it's a very good site about Enigma
RE: Somebody can help me? Marco Aurélio Nogueira da Silva21/05/2003
I forgot i'm from Brazil. and i don't speak english very well.

If somebody can help, i'll be thankfull.
DVD Enigmatic solutionrocko19/05/2003
I have noticed that on the discography section of the dvd lies some sort of problem or puzzle for us to solve ( I think) . At the end of the speech, in the first song "saddnes", the narrator tells us to solve the enigma. He continues to use a male figure throughout the songs and each track has something that binds them all together. At the end of the discography and the track " push the limits, he says " prehaps the enigma is solved".
If this is just an idea that I have just created, then, what's the meaning of the discography section, what meaning does the narrator wants us to catch from each track?
An album called Metamorphosis.?? Nathan19/05/2003
Recently downloaded some Enigma and the given album was Metamorphosis. I cant find a listing of Enigma ever having made this album but Im keen to find the answer. The songs are 1) Responsorium 2) Start to End
3) Ancient person of my heart 4)Snow of the Sahara.
Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks
About the Lyrics of Return to InnocenceDark_Elder05/12/2003
Many enigma fans are talking about the lyrics of the background male voice in Return to Innocence of E2.
Now, I declare:


If you can read Chinese, you can go to this web to take a look:
if you can not read Chinese, just trust me, there is no lyrics.

note: This male voice is original provided by a famous Taiwanese folk singer called Difang Duana(1921-2002).
RE: About the Lyrics of Return to InnocenceDark_Elder05/12/2003
English web address (limited content):

go to this web if you want to know more about this singer.
EL VACIO ne05/08/2003
El creador de ERA es una vil copia barata de nuestro ENIGMA chechen la introducción de THE MASS
Lyrics Return to InnocenceCarlos05/08/2003
Does someone out there have the return to innocence lyrics of the chanting man's voice.Or is there really no lyrics.
RE: Lyrics Return to InnocenceDark_Elder05/12/2003
No matter you belief or not, the background male voice of Return to Innocence has no lytics.
Where can i wind Enigma - Aureus albert29/04/2003
Where can i wind Enigma - Aureus
RE: Where can i wind Enigma - Aureus maroun30/04/2003
Indian Chanting, but *not* Return to Innocence Josh29/04/2003
I'm trying to find out the title (and maybe artist if not enigma) of an enigma like song with indian chanting, that has no other language in it. It starts off with keyboard and a slow viola (probably, maybe cello) solo. Then comes a male indian voice chanting something like this:

oh ra na, owa owa
sara ne, owa owa
sara ne, chanan
anon aaan

oh ra na, owa owa
sara ne, owa owa
sara ne...
a anon aaan

aan na jee,
chowe naneje ja

in the middle comes another round of viola and keyboard and then another round of chanting.

RE: Indian Chanting, but *not* Return to Innocence(anonymous)22/05/2003
If you have not figured it out yet. I believe I know exactly the song you are looking for. It is "Yeha-Noha" from the "Sacred Spirits" CD. It is a remarkable song and CD.

E5 ON OCTOBER Northon26/04/2003
News from Virgin - E5 must be released on the second part of October, that's a pity, it seems that Michael wasn't happy with the new songs and decided to 'make things better', well I hope E5 be good, don't mind if it be released some months after
RE: E5 ON OCTOBERDark_Elder29/04/2003
Michael is testing us......

Hold on...
RE: E5 ON OCTOBER AngelKasiel28/04/2003
BUUUUUUAHAHAHHAA!!! well I guess I'll be buying this CD 'till 2004 because here in México it's a pitty they don't sell ENIGMA like it deserve
RE: RE: E5 ON OCTOBERDark_Elder05/12/2003
Well, me too. The cometh of Enigma5 will be greatly delayed by the cultural policy of China. And I think 2004 is still a little far.
Mea Culpa Video Bryan21/04/2003
In the video for Mea Culpa from the Remember the Future video disc there is an image of three X's within three circles, the center X extends out beyond the three circles. Does anyone know what this is and where I can find information on its significance?

Return to Innocence I need help Amy16/04/2003
I'm looking for a translation of the Indian Lyrics chanted/sung in the song Return to Innocence. (Its my favorite song)
RE: Return to Innocence I need help(anonymous)05/08/2003
I am also trying to find out
RE: Return to Innocence I need helpDark_Elder17/04/2003
I wonder you are talking about the background male voice of Return to Innocence, if it is.

Well, it is not Indian, but a minority tribe in Taiwan, this tribe is called "Ar-Me", sorry to tell you there is no lyrics for this voice.
It is not language, just a sound.
RE: RE: Return to Innocence I need help Amy17/04/2003
Thank you Dark Elder. I appreciate the help. It sounds very close to some of the native american languages that is why I thought it might be.
dos anyone know the song... ashly14/04/2003
heya does anyone know the song(i believe is by enigma) its a native american chant w/ a pop background it goes somethin like "ah oh i, ho ai oh ho hi" i dont even know if that correct but if u have an idea let me know!
RE: dos anyone know the song...Dark_Elder17/04/2003
Completely don't know what are you talking about.
RE: dos anyone know the song... Emon15/04/2003
I think you're talking about "Return to innocence" from the 2nd album, The Cross of Change. If that's not what you're looking for, let me know, I might know another possible one.
RE: RE: dos anyone know the song... AngelKasiel16/04/2003
Oh man u really have an "eye" for the music!!!

Hola/Guadalajara Jalisco México AngelKasiel04/09/2003
Hi you all ENIGMA fans, hope u all be OK and enjoying life (That's what I choose) I just whant to know if there's someone from México that enkoy ENIGMA as we all do.

A big Thnks to teh ones who's coments give me strenght in hard times.
RE: Hola/Guadalajara Jalisco México EnigmaFan23/04/2003
Hi im from mexico too, i searched all mexico to find another enigma fans but here in mexico city there are few, no one knows this music.
Español Ef76s04/09/2003
Alguno que hable español o castellano?
RE: Español (anonymous)04/09/2003
Si, YO!

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