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Wow I bought Sandra;s last single 'forever' for just 1 Euro! And that's very very very cheap! You all know that sandra is the voice behind most of enigma songs and that she is the wife of Michael Cretu. Michael Cretu produces her music!
It's not just music... Axxi14/01/2003
The sound of Enigma. It isn"t just music. It's a way of life. My life!!
Michael, thank you.

RE: It's not just music... Devlin18/01/2003
Two years ago I would of had no clue to what you meant in your posting. Then one day I was working ina clients home and she was playing Enigma ( not sure which album was to long ago ) over her intercom. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. What I felt I can't even begin to put into words. I've been searching all my life for music like this. I can honestly say I'm pretty versitile in my taste in music from all different styles.But this totally blew me away. For 2 years now while I'm at work I anticipate comng home to listen to one of the 5 albums that I bought or even just the Enigma radio on the internet ( lot of good remixs on there ) . Wish there was more of a demand for this Enigma music on the east coast of the USA ( Pennsylvania to be exact ).
RE: It's not just music... marina17/01/2003
hi :)))
im glad to know that enigma means a lot to u. the same as for me. and proud of it
best wishes from Moscow
RE: It's not just music...Lenjon15/01/2003
For many people it is. Like MArina (she visits this site often) she also thinks that enigma is a way of living! for me it isn';t
RE: RE: It's not just music...Lenjon18/01/2003
For me the music is important but it's not a way of living! I don't do special things becuase I loev the enigma music!
cd singles shez13/01/2003
are there any cd singles due for release in the uk this year?
Will Michael ...Dark_Elder01/08/2003
Will Michael Cretu use Gregorian Chants in the new Enigma album again?
Though Michael Cretu deny that "he will use it again", I still doubt it.

RE: Will Michael ...Lenjon01/09/2003
it's his style so why would he stop using this sound!
About release new Enigma album! Lenjon01/08/2003
This message was on this site:

The possibility of the new Enigma 5 album being released in the 1st part of 2003 now looks unlikely to happen. Michael Cretu first announced back in late July, on German TV t hat he was hopeful to have the album completed by the end of 2002 with a possible Jan/Feb release date. Since the move into the new house in late September, Michael has been back working again on E5. But realistically the time required for both Cretu to finish the album and for Virgin to co-ordinate worldwide release in Jan/Feb 2003 is looking ominous. Virgin mentioned that "they can not confirm a release date of the new album at this time", which reading between the lines confirms that the initial optimism for the early 2003 release date has subsided. Although the Jan/Feb date is still achievable by both parties, do not be surprised that the E5 release date would now be pushed back into the 2nd quarter of 2003. As with other Enigma album releases this type of release uncertainty is always common place.

Information source -

So I guess, a new album is coming soon!
RE: About release new Enigma album!Dark_Elder01/08/2003
A question! Ah, long time since last!!!!Dark_Elder01/06/2003
As we know there is a very famous track called "Why!!!" in e3, and it is very popular because it cates to the taste of most of the people around the world. But I don't know why didn't Michael Cretu put this track in e-LSD. Don't tell me that you don't know about e-LSD!!!
hehe... Still a little busy, sorry!!!
Oh, special blessing to Lenjon.
RE: A question! Ah, long time since last!!!!Lenjon01/08/2003
Thank you, Thank you! Lots of blessings (hehe) to you too! My internet has broken down! Happy new year to you all!
But now your question!
I think 'WHY' is the only enigma song with a lyric everyone understands immediately the first time they listen it! I think that's the reason so many people like the song! But I don't know why it is not on E-LSD-GH! Has it been a single?
Video skating? Hawk01/03/2003
Hello out there.
I have a faded memory from MTV or something similare. A video there people dressed up in strange ways were skating in a forest (or frozen swamp) like world.
Does anyone of you fellas know what song it was and if the video i somewhere to get or download?
RE: Video skating? Dave01/06/2003
Hello.... The video is "beyond the invisable........ if you buy the DVD, it is on there......

Happy Enigmaing
RE: Video skating? Dave01/06/2003
Hello.... The video is "beyond the invisable........ if you buy the DVD, it is on there......

Happy Enigmaing
RE: RE: Video skating?Lenjon01/08/2003
It's one of the most famouse and most beautifull enigma lyrics!
the turn around lyrics!!!!!!!!! REEM01/02/2003
i've been gettin 2 differnet lyrics of turn around!!!!
which is the real one..the one that says, " no more age olf lonliness, u are a part of me," or when it says, " u'll reach your holiness......"
its just confusing me thats all..i really wana know the real one........thanx a lot!
RE: the turn around lyrics!!!!!!!!!Dark_Elder01/06/2003
Personally, I agree to the first one, "no more age of ...".
But lyrics of Enigma is always not very easy to listen or to understand. ^_^
RE: RE: the turn around lyrics!!!!!!!!! Lenjon01/08/2003
The real one is: 'no more age of loneliness, you are a part of me'

The funny thing is that 'age of loneliness' is a song on E2.

In Turn Around they sing also 'life is like a roundabout, a kind of LSD'

The funny thing here is that 'the roundabout' is also a song on E3. And LSD is short for Love Sensuality Devotion!
RE: RE: RE: the turn around lyrics!!!!!!!!!Dark_Elder01/08/2003
Agreed, in this track MC seems wants to mention as many famous tracks of Enigma as possible, such as "AOL", "Roundabout"
And also in the background voice, Sandra Lauer also says many famous Enigma tracks.
LOVE U marina01/02/2003
my dear friends from different countries who like enigma as much as i do
marry christmas and happy new year
i wish all of u happyness luck freedom and everything what u want to have
with love marina from Moscow
BLESS U Lenjon01/08/2003
Happy new year to you all!
türk fanlar aranıyor jean reno24/12/2002
ankaradan enigma fanlarý varsa tanýþalým...
RE: türk fanlar aranıyor(anonymous)21/01/2003
Var tabii olmaz mi..
RE: türk fanlar aranýyor rabia01/05/2003
ank dayým:) mailimi yazdým mail at tanýsalým...
Merry Christmas :-)) TomalaM20/12/2002
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!!!!

TomalaM from Poland :-)))
I find a now enigma allbum ryad17/12/2002
so hello..
I find a new allbum of enigma and I hope that you tell me if it's really a new album.
RE: I find a now enigma allbum jonas frankie18/12/2002
what kind album do you fuond ? 'cause I have all enigma albums
RE: I find a now enigma allbumDark_Elder17/12/2002
I guesssssssss.......... it couldn't be a real new one.

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