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Where is David Fairsten? Cretu has doing all. Odiseo10/04/2003
Enigma need David Fairsten
Enigma need fresh music
Is Enigma 5 just a introduction of : enigma 6? odiseo10/04/2003
Yes beacuse all the tracks are like introductions to something...
Just listen the track Following the Sun, at the end there´s no enigma trumpets(i mean the gingle)
Perhaps the enigma has been solved.?????
Michael cretu uses alot of this itroductions on the songs maybe enigma 5 is a part of the big introuction of the next album...
Cretu is very enigmatic....????
if you have a clue about this please write me!!!
Something is very fishy with E5Willi10/04/2003
I have the very strong impression, that there is something very fishy with this new Enigma Album called Voyageur! As lots of other people in the world I know the Enigma music very well. And this is not Enigma; I strongly believe that this music is not from Michael Cretu! Or he just delivered this really bad result of his work to bring out his real music he was producing in the last few years, under a different Name, not Enigma; why not? But please, Mr. Cretu, don't let us wait too long!

Besides: The name "Voyageur" fits very well to the fifth Enigma CD: There was a planetary mission in the 1970s called "Voyager" to the fifth planet Jupiter in our solar system. The fourth CD was introduced by some whispered text, mentioning mass, distance, density and so on of our forth planet Mars.
And even in the third CD, our Earth was mentioned, the third planet in our solar system.

So I believe, it was Michael Cretu's plan to call the fifth CD Voyageur, but to hide a little bit the above mentioned information - like an enigma :-) But then he may have change his mind, or had some problems with the CD production company, is it Virgin, now EMI or something like this? Were there some business problems?
RE: Something is very fishy with E5 odiseo10/04/2003
Just imagine whats the point of doing that, cause enigma music is a puzzle not a lineal work.
enigma louie forsmark10/03/2003
love the album, finally completes my collection
enigma louie forsmark10/03/2003
love the album, finally completes my collection
E5 very poor EX-fan10/03/2003
Well, this is what we have been waiting 3 1/2 years for? i dont think so. how sad! i am so bored with this "new" rubbish. it must be a sick joke - that i dont get. ENIGMA were BRILLIANT, infact id go as far as to say AMAZING. this new cd is poor, cheap, and about as far removed from Enigma as you can get. where are the chants/ drums/ choirs/ beautiful melodies/ fantastic vocals/ flutes/ etc etc. the "ENIGMATIC" sound has been totally lost
E-5 is good Michael10/01/2003
the album is great they change there rythum, i have been a enigma fan for all my life and this album did a big change but i could still feel that rythum

i wish i could be in the group to
E-5 .... so, disapointing Bryan10/01/2003
voyageur is the worst piece of music that ENIGME could unleash on us. i am a MASSIVE fan, and absolutely L O V E Enigma, but this sad chill-out rubbish just does NOT "feel2 like anything they ever did b4. i tried SO so hard to like it. goodbye ENIGMA!! ps, whoever is responsible for the terrible cd cover, and cheap booklet.... needs sacking NOW.
RE: E-5 .... so, disapointingVoice10/02/2003
I can not agree more. some says this album is cool, something that they never heard b4, very futuristic, geniously made and will be followed by others. I say `sad.... these people must never have heard any other artists` works`. This album is the joke of enigma. After several listening...i get bored.
(not to mention the `special case` which is tacky- i think)
RE: RE: E-5 .... so, disapointing Bryan10/03/2003
i know. it seems that just because its Enigma, they all say..."oh, i love it, its brilliant" it is simply like any other Ibiza chill-out rubbish. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!
RE: E-5 .... so, disapointing manHAStheDREAM..10/01/2003
please..... i dont WANT to say you are correct, but.......YES. it is boring, cheap, and rubbish
RE: E-5 .... so, disapointing those-clouds10/01/2003
RE: RE: E-5 .... so, disapointing sky32110/01/2003
Well, as much as this hurt's me..... I also have to agree with these comments. Take out the Pan-pipes, the chants, choirs, thought provoking lyrics, wonderous majestic music, the beautiful melodies.....and whats left? some second-rate Ibiza chill-out rubbish. Boring, dull, and very very uninteresting.
RE: RE: RE: E-5 .... so, disapointing escape2nephilim10/01/2003
i know what u mean. all the other cd's kinda send u to a beautiful place, they are amazing. this is total money-making pop rubbish. mr cretu- im sorry to say, you have lost all your talent.
RE: RE: RE: RE: E-5 .... so, disapointingburt10/03/2003
Do you really think Cretu could turn into such a commerce? I don't think so.

But I think that you listened to chants, voices, synth music and you liked it. But have you ever listened to the soul of music? To all the things it brings to you? I don't think so...

You place the form, the shape of the music at the first place. But it is just a shell for really important things. Besides, you can eat the same food, breathe the same air, but you can't live the same ideas and moods all your life. You should go further, despite the form and shape you've got before. And Voyageur is that step upon a stair. Step up, but not down. Simplify the shape, make the soul of music deeper. Can't you see it? Have you tried to think that way?
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: E-5 .... so, disapointingWilli10/04/2003
Besides: Do you get money for writing such things?

You can't cheat real Enigma specialists!
The voice and the snake Alan Brasil RJ10/01/2003
I think that everything said in "the voice and the snake" are really happenning, anyone can see it! But till the end of time I´ll be just searching for a male to me!!!!
I AM IN LOWE WITH U.... mustafa30/09/2003
i reaaly lowe u newer cant understand me how i lowe u and your sound..nobody understand how is my feelings when im listin to Enigma..u are the best for me..i lowe u again..
4 Lenjon Dionigi27/09/2003
I really like the song Lucifer by Michael Cretu!Thanx for telling...
RE: 4 Lenjon eyywy28/09/2003
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RE: RE: 4 LenjonSarah28/09/2003
Really interesting comment!:)
RE: RE: RE: 4 Lenjon Lenjon30/09/2003
You're welcome...
I like it to here those reactions!
Where are you from?
RE: RE: RE: RE: 4 LenjonDionigi10/01/2003
I'm from Italy, eyywy is from a mental hospital I think...:)
I'm stil on my quest to find the truth.Can anyone tell me about the song[Indian Chanting}
RE: Satanicwiccagirl27/09/2003
First of all: don't attribute every strange sign to satanism! the pictures on CROSS OF CHANGES are everything but satanic: the man in the circle is a symbol of perfection called pentacle, the 5points star is used in white magic as a symbol of power and it's not satanic! the other pictures are mediaeval alchemy studies, arabic writings, christian, hindu drawings!
RE: Satanic Sarah27/09/2003
Hola Carlos!
Indian Chanting is not enigma's, but by "Sacred Spirit-Chants from Native americans..."! anyway, believe me:Cretu is not satanic!even if you'll find something weird in the albums, be sure that everything is made for commercial purpose...
Apart from THE VOICE AND THE SNAKE, I cannot find anything else sounding "satanic"!
If enigma is being tranformed into chill-out, electronica Music, well I HOPE, I HOPE TO DANCE ENIGMA MUSIC IN THE DISCOTEQUES VERY SOON,BEACAUSE THE NEW AGE MOOD OF ENIGMA IS GONE.
Its supposed to of the interview with Michae Cretu

u lot shud read up more...

I've changed my mind a little bit dionigi23/09/2003
After listening to VOYAGEUR several times I'm a little bit more optimist, but I still think that the music in it is less epic and more commercial...a pretty chill-out album, but It doesn't make any emotional reaction in me (except maybe for the song IN THE SHADOW IN THE LIGHT)...anyway, de gustibus non est disputandum!

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