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E.T. Eileen27/02/2004
Enigma is fantastic mystic music for me. I love it.
enigmafreak frank X24/02/2004
I am a big fan of enigma and I have all cd but the new one if somebody has heard it already tell me if is as great as the others
Enigma Videos Trivia Odiseo24/02/2004
1.Why Michael cretu don´t included the video Out from the deep in the DVD remember the future?
2. Where is the other video edition of Knoking of forbidden doors?
3.Where can you find the video Voyageur?
4. In the end of the video Voyageur, Is real that apears a man with a cigarrete?(like announcing Incognito)
Hi everyone Jonathan Thornton23/02/2004
First off, hello to everyone. I have only just discovered this website, and it's amazing. It's so great so see other people who appreciate just how incredible Enigma is!

I have a question though, and I hope the answer isn't staring me in the face, or otherwise somewhere on this site and I haven't found it yet. My question is, who is the woman who features in many of the videos from MCMXC a.D. Am I right in assuming it is Sandra, as she sings on these tracks and in the videos? Or is it someone else?
Where is enigma 4Odisseo22/02/2004
Where can i find the old site
retorno a la inocencia mercedes20/02/2004
quisiera q me manden la letra de la cancion en ingles y tambien en españ lo agradeceria muchisimo gracias
RE: retorno a la inocencia TomalaM21/02/2004
Friends in Mexico Isrrael Roldán20/02/2004
Hi, my english is not good, but i like the same:
I would like to share ideas about Enigma, that a little will cost to me to include/understand them, by that of the language, but good. I can say that it enchants to me and that desire really to be able to comprise of its community. Greetings
RE: Friends in Mexico Odiseo24/02/2004
Hi israel Im from Mexico city i am a real fan of enigma, in fact i am performing an antology, if you want to share ideas please mail me back
hi enigmalife17/02/2004
how are you enigma my name is emre you very listening enigma music
RE: hi emin22/02/2004
merhaba...ben emin..bende senin gibi bir enigma manyaðýyým....bana yazmak istersen hoþçakal...
there they see... wonders they find... eva surga15/02/2004
thirsty for knowledge, hungry for more? is a sight for sour eyes!
why are we enigma fans? because enigma music is so beautiful, enigma lyrics so enlightning... there's so much to discover!
Please, see my site! :)) Super Star02/09/2004
Please, see my site! :))
RE: Please, see my site! :)) eva surga15/02/2004
from both sites now:!
learn mAhArAdAm, join the iatc... eva
RE: Please, see my site! :))FLCL13/02/2004
Although I can't read russian, I love your site, and one question, who is the guy in all the pictures?

Inspiration Jenny Streets27/01/2004
I love the music of Enigma. My soul takes a divine spiritual flight.
RE: Inspirationjohn18/02/2004
hi jenny, iknow what u mean....
RE: comment omar28/01/2004
I agree with you.I started listening to Eigma since I was 11 and it has been an extremely higher influence in my life. It takes you not out of this world but inside your soul
RE: RE: comment Gerrit02/01/2004
Thats for sure. I love how it takes you away from everything. All your problems dissapear for a little while.
Voyager Gerrit Hoevers25/01/2004
I know its a little late to be talking about E5 but at first I didn't like it so I kind put it away for awhile. I recently dug it out of the closet and listened to it again. Now that I have accepted that Enigma has changed, I really like the new Enigma. I think its good but very challenging for them to change. I hope it does not make Enigma fans turn away. My favorite song is Page of Cups. It just sounds really cool.
RE: VoyagerFLCL26/01/2004
I very strongly agree, in fact, when I first heard the song I went and grabed the CD case and read the title, then I went and looked up the the meaning of the page of cups tarot card and the discrption of the card was completly one with the card.

go look it up!

RE: RE: Voyager (anonymous)30/01/2004
Wow. It never occured to me that it was named after a tarot card.
So Sad De Phase20/01/2004
Hi there!
Sorry 4 my english. I,m from Russia:-)
Russian people like Enigma very much...really...u can buy here even Enigma 7 :-))) I,ve got best Enigma hits (producers: russian audiopirates :-)) and I wonder: Is "So Sad" Enigma,s song or whose? ah?

RE: So SadDionigi02/01/2004
"So Sad" is a song by Frank Peterson's project GREGORIAN...
Treasure Hunt Enigma!FLCL19/01/2004
Hello, and welcome.
I,ve desided to test Enigma fans by sending them on a hunt for a song, and would like you all to try it.

Thre is a true Enigma song, that never appeared on any Enigma album release, but was released on a single. Try to find it out there in your world of Enigma and tell me.

Have fun...Good luck!

(P.S.:I already know it, just want to see who can find it first.)
RE: Treasure Hunt Enigma! (anonymous)22/01/2004
It's Light of Your Smile. :)
RE: RE: Treasure Hunt Enigma!FLCL26/01/2004
YOU MY FRIEND ARE VERY GOOD,but might I have the name of the winner, If you kindly will?
Thank You
RE: RE: Treasure Hunt Enigma!Odiseo23/01/2004
But now exist two versions of light of your smile: One with gregorian chants and other without chants.
Which is real?
RE: RE: RE: Treasure Hunt Enigma! (anonymous)23/01/2004
The real version is the one without the gregorian chants, that one is on the "Metamorphosis" bootleg album.
Where i cand find the video Turn Around?Turn Around fan17/01/2004
Please tell me, i´ve been trying in diferent sites but none works

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