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RE: Enter: Enigma allanahSep 24, 08:53
I heard Carly's song when I saw the film Sliver and went crazy till I found out who did it and discoverd Enigma in 1993 and have been a fan ever since. I looooooooove MC
RE: RE: Enter: Enigma Jacqueline DongOct 12, 08:01
me too
it always drives me crazy and i have been indulged in it for years.
first time i heard of return to innocence, i didn't like it very much. but later when i had chance to touch the MCMXC, i fell for ENIGMA immediately.....
sadeness, mea culpa, beyond the invisible....
AHRGGG!!! please MP3!!!! ElenySep 21, 10:02
don't you know what's a "mp3"??????????????????????

the "real audio noseke" format for the songs is a shit!!!! no one can listen to this format!

please, i want to have the turn around song, like a lot of people too, but we need this song in MP3!!!!!!

RE: AHRGGG!!! please MP3!!!! webmasterSep 21, 13:48

I do know what an MP3 is !! But I cannot put such files on my site since it is NOT legal.
Real Audio is different since they were made for streaming audio and for promotion. I'm promoting Enigma songs thru this site and this low quality audio gives people some idea of what every song is like. If you really like the song then you should buy the CD. It's the only way of supporting the artist.
Don't you think so ??

The Media Section,,MCMXC a.DSep 20, 23:14
Hi, please osvaldo... check the media sction, it's not working!..
20-9-2001,,, 11:15 p.m (GMT).
Best Regards
Mea Culpa WendySep 19, 15:04
Can anyone tell me what this means in English and what language Mea Culpa is
RE: Mea Culpa KeithSep 20, 17:59
Hi Wendy !!!

It means "I am guilty" in Latin

HE HE HE !!!

RE: Mea Culpa JanSep 19, 21:51
Mea Culpa ist Latin and it means my fault.
SEXY & EROTIC AllanahSep 18, 09:04
I have listened to Enigma so often making love it is the most powerful aphrodesiac there is. Does everyone agree?
RE: SEXY & EROTICpatrickOct 8, 20:33
i completely agree! so does my girlfriend. i've made love to mcmxc ad so much before her but she connected with it on the same level as i was and as a result, i could never make love to anyone with mcmxc ad. she fell in love with it as soon as she heard it, of course, the love making sure had something to do with it too!
RE: SEXY & EROTIC Miguel AmelioOct 5, 22:30
you cant be wrong, I agree, its the best of the best, over the best. "Just let love be your guiding light, and all your lust will be alive."
RE: SEXY & EROTIC Keith Sep 23, 18:57
Hey Allanah
Aphrodisiac?? you sure are right, I had never listened to Enigma until I "met" online, the wonderful woman I am going to marry. When we met she let me listen to Enigma, and now I am hooked !! I think it is a very horny way to enjoy music !!. But have you listened to Infinity Symbol ??, the track that is on the Original samplers link on this very good site !!

Mea Culpa !!
RE: RE: SEXY & EROTIC allanahSep 24, 08:55
Haven't heard it, where on the board is it? This site has so much info I haven't explored it all yet. Best of luck on your new adventure in marriage. I turned my boyfriend on to Enigma also and he was hooked also.
RE: RE: RE: SEXY & EROTIC Keith & WendySep 24, 09:18
To find this track go to "Original Samples" which is a link on the top of the home page. When you get there scroll down to Album cover 666 "Aphrodites Child" and the one that says above it "Infinity Symbol"

It is just a small sample that Enigma have used on the MCMXCaD album.

We find it very horny!!
I AGREE AllanahSep 24, 16:20
Keith & Wendy, Thanks for the tip. Glad to find someone else as a couple that finds Enigma sooooo damn INSPIRING? Rivers of Belief can cause me to ******* whenever I hear it and if anyone else is around my boyfriend and I just look at each other and smile that knowing smile. Best of luck on your marriage but are you sure you want to tie the knot?
RE: I AGREEpatrickOct 8, 20:28
hey, i have found that the way 'back to the rivers of belief' was composed to be completely mind blowing. i lose myself in it every time.
Metamorphosis FrankSep 17, 12:59
Is Metamorphosis a bootleg CD of enigma, or is it a CD from some other Enigma-like group.


RE: Metamorphosis webmasterSep 17, 13:55
it a CD from some other Enigma-like group.

RE:Metamorphosis Sudeep ShreshaSep 21, 14:51
Metamorphosis is an illegeal production in the name of Enigma and I think it released by DEVINE WORKS
Bootlegs vinceSep 17, 10:19
Can anyone help. I want to know if anyone knows where to find on the internet the cd covers for
Enigma D. Emotion Project
Enigma Dream on
Enigma Erotic Dreams
I have found the one for Metamorphosis
I would appreaciate any lead
still a great site keep it going

enae volare mezzo asadSep 17, 09:01
is there any of the albums of Enigma which is Enae Volare Mezzo.

RE: enae volare mezzo EchoSep 21, 07:52
This song is on Era's first album. No connection w/ Enigma.
enigma, you are te one Hec ManSep 17, 03:22
you are the one
Missing lyrics??ReinierSep 15, 22:27
in the albun cross of changes in the last track..... at the very end of it there is this lyric or chant that's been puzziling me what is it..........???? it goes right after the voice that says:

if u understand or if u don't
if u believe or if u doubt... ect....
Imagination is Power... TimSep 15, 03:28
Enigma is the only music I have ever heard that can incite such raw emotion in me just by listening. Erotic, seductive, sorrowfull, joyfull, I wish the whole world could listen to it, just once.

'Imagination is power. With it, we can breathe life into our fantasies, and anything is possible.' -Danyel Viandro
RE: Imagination is Power...SaraSep 15, 18:10
I agree with you Tim , as you think i hope all understands some day.....what´s the meaning of this crazy life!....when i listen to Enigma makes me know who i the real me
QUE SIGNIFICA ESTO? azalia FisherSep 15, 00:44
RE: QUE SIGNIFICA ESTO? koreDec 31, 17:39
what does this mean? SorinhighSep 13, 22:36
What does this mean:

"The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom." I've tried figureing it out myself but was unsucessful. Can anyone help me with this subject? Thanks,

RE: what does this mean? KeithSep 23, 19:56
"The path of excess leads to the Tower of Wisdom"

IMHO first you have to define the word "excess" which to me means to overdo something. That is the path you lead, for example, over eat where you may feel ill, then you are led to the tower of wisdom by becoming Wise to the fact that you will never over eat again.

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