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RE: Beyond the Invisible video help!!RoccoFeb 13, 16:43
IF you look closer the woman skatting is the teean age girl who wonders thru this "" beyond the invisible " try and look for her name instead.....
Why?? RickFeb 13, 01:43
why wasn't the video " Out from the deep"" included in the DVD " Remember the Future ""? and why was the Mean Culpa video with one song on the actual clip and with anotherone on the Discography part...??
So many questons.!! Why?!!
What the song title to this enigma song? IanFeb 12, 03:47
There arn't much lyrics but theres a women breathing to the beat throughout the song and she says a few times in a breathy voice what sounds like, "Smell your skin....Feel your breath....With you by my side I couldn't resist."
RE: What the song title to this enigma song?AnonymousMar 23, 19:52
The song title to this Enigma song is "T.N.T. for the Brain."
RE: What the song title to this enigma song? KeroFeb 12, 21:46
That song is TNT for the brain.
RE: RE: What the song title to this enigma song? IanFeb 13, 01:23
Thank you Kero :-D....
Lyrics VictoriaFeb 4, 03:38
I don't know if I'm using this site right, but I'm looking for some of the lyrics to songs on the Greatest Hits CD. When I click on the lyrics link, I don't see those songs. Do you know where I can find them? Thanks.
RE: Lyrics OsvaldoFeb 8, 03:21
The lyrics section is organized by Album.
If you click on each one (4 albums) you will find all the lyrics.

hope this helps you

Return To Innocence>> What's the True meaning ??? RoccoFeb 2, 03:42
Watching this video with some friends, a question appeared on my mind. What does this song and video means?. Then we decided to watch the Discography Tracks from Enigma DVD but all of us came with a whole different idea of what this song may represent. I believe this song it's the story of life it self, while my other friend thinks it's the return to a whole different life, a new reencarnation. What do you think??
NewEditedVersionOf Return-2-Inocence Video RoccoJan 31, 22:30
I've done something with the video (Return to Inocence ). As you might know , the intire clip it's played backwards. Since the first time I saw it, I wondered - how would it be to play it forward , but without altering the audio?. Well, I managed to do so. I've got it saved under Windows media player , but I'd like to share it with everyone and get their opinion, how do I do it?
RE: NewEditedVersionOf Return-2-Inocence Video Morphing_Thru_MysteryJan 31, 22:37
hi Rocco
if you have a faat connection
there's always those downloading programs
ex. kazaa or morpheus. there's also ftp's.
Hey i need a little help on something NicoleJan 31, 16:48
There is a song from enigma and in the song goes "and you can say that we'll alway" i dont knwo the name of the song can anyone help me? Thank You
RE: Hey i need a little help on something(anonymous)Feb 5, 02:22
Perhpas maybe Snow Of The Sahara???
Morphing Tru Mystery, please read thisJackieJan 28, 18:08
Yes! Yes! Yes! I purchased a CD with Apotheosis' remix of Carl Orff's O FORTUNA and sure enough, that's the one song I have been looking for all these years! Thank You so very much for having helped! May you receive tenfold the help you provided me!
RE: Morphing Tru Mystery, please read this Morphing_Thru_MysteryJan 31, 22:25
hey Jackie thats great you found the song.
glad I could help! :o)
As to me JacquelineJan 27, 22:08
I fell for Enigma when I first heard the Sadeness
just couldn't control myself
I am really into it.........
many many years......
As to me JacquelineJan 27, 22:08
I fell for Enigma when I first heard the Sadeness
just couldn't control myself
I am really into it.........
many many years......
just for the day FernandoJan 20, 21:54
ok, i have this song called "just for the day" and its under Enigma. the problem is that i cant find the lyrics to that song on the web site. i was wondering if it is actually Enigma who sings the song or someone else. If its now Enigma, do any of you know who it is?
I am a fan of Enigma! TAN HAOJan 17, 15:47
I have listened to Enigma for many years!They are one of my favorites!
I would like to make more Enigma fans here.
Drop me a line if you are interested.
RE: I am a fan of Enigma!steveFeb 8, 03:15
For me it was the Pure Moods CD Commercial. I liked Gravity of Love and then I downloaded other songs on the internet. Soon enough, I bought all the albums.
RE: I am a fan of Enigma! NicoleJan 31, 16:50
I am a fan of Enigma i think that they are really great...
RE: I am a fan of Enigma! keroJan 18, 23:22
im a fan too and i like to make friends that are fan of enigma and other new age groups,
my favorite enigma.
And i become fan since i listen sadness.
ENIGMA is about christ or antichrist? arvindJan 16, 16:13
I really love enigma a lot.I cnat be without enigma. i cant express my feelings. i love it soooo much. and i have a confusion.
Many people say that enigma is about antichrist. they are against christ.Is it true?
i just wanna know please answer me please.

because i love enigma so much.
RE: ENIGMA is about christ or antichrist?GealFaolFeb 25, 10:05
I do not think it is against Christ. It is rather against people who say to act in the name of their religion but do things that are in fact opposed to it.
Like said in the song 'the Silent Warrior' we are not the ones to decide these changes. We are not the ones to say that one or the other religion is better. Those people that do say these things are not true Christians/Muslims etc. etc. because they do not follow their heart and faith. Most faiths have rules in which you must respect and help others, not kill them because they use a different name for the same being.
RE: ENIGMA is about christ or antichrist? Morning LightFeb 17, 10:38
I believe the Christ and anti-Christ are both a part of our total emotional content. Enigma's music is the triumph of the good over the evil in us. Its like a re-birth.
His music comes from very high sources.
RE: ENIGMA is about christ or antichrist? SteveFeb 8, 03:36
No offense, but you all don't know what you're talking about. I don't know what countries you're from...but, by no means is Enigma against Christ. I live in America and understand poetics. These lyrics are clearly pro-christ and faith. Michael Cretu may have written of evils, but so does the Bible. This music is world influenced and incorporate condoned religious values which are incorporated though meditation in music form. Emotions expressed through music...Enigma is more about the music than the specific lyrics. But the lyrics are definitly needed to give the messages expressed, which are through the music along with the voice that adds to the atmosphere and ambience.
RE: ENIGMA is about christ or antichrist? StéphanieJan 31, 21:23
i'm a french girl;
i'm 15years old,
and i have just seen that you have had a question.
But now,
i think many person have already answered you...
so if you would want to "become my friend",
we could speak more together and we could maybe become friends!!
i hope that you will be okay!!
RE: ENIGMA is about christ or antichrist? RalphJan 25, 15:31
I have heard the same. However, I check the lyrics on "Mea Culpa" and "Sadness", they speak about the Lord and Christ. So, I really dont think they are at all.

Its just my humble opinion.
RE: ENIGMA is about christ or antichrist?RoccoJan 18, 03:08
Well.... like Enigma said once.....

If you believe in's because of draknes..
If you believe in's because of the devil.......
RE: ENIGMA is about christ or antichrist? KeroJan 17, 03:14
hi im an ultra fan too. just like you, if you want to now something about your question mail to me.
I can say enigma is not evil music.
Just use the power of god and evil.

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