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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: page of cups TomalaM12/03/2003
Pour toute ma vie je suis la,a cote de toi
Je suis ton destin
Mon amour

My love

Dans ta vie de tristesse et de chagrin
Si tu es a cote de moi
Mon amour

My love
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: page of cupsVOYAGEUR12/04/2003
Wher did you learn to speak French?

I'm just curious.
turk fanlari ariyorum.. irenqli..11/10/2003
turkiye kimse mi enigma dinlemiyor yahu?.. arkadaslar sizleri merak ediyorum ve enigmanin tum arsivini ariyorum yardimci olabilecek birilerini ariyorum...
RE: turk fanlari ariyorum.. skydancer12/08/2003
ben de arýyorum cidden
2 kiþi olduk þimdiden :)
baðlantýyý koparmayalým
Attention.. Zaboor..11/09/2003
Enigma has become a speacial part of my life...i just wanna know the meaning of the i love u ill kill u....i need it soon...
Gravity of love lyricsJamie11/08/2003
This is my favourite song but I have one question about these lines :
Don't think twice before you listen to your heart
Follow the trace for a new start
is what it says on this page, but I heard elsewhere it was:
Don't think twice before you listen to your heart
Follow the trace of a random star.
Which is correct?
RE: Gravity of love lyrics antonina26/11/2003
what ever man! Don't matter what it is, the sond is great, and the vedio is definetly strange, but sooo good. I love how scary the lady in the white look in the begining! I mean her costume, is so strange.
Arvoir, Paka, bye
RE: Gravity of love lyrics Ashuram14/11/2003
Follow the trace to a new start...definetely
RE: Gravity of love lyrics TomalaM11/09/2003
Follow the trace for a new start
RE: RE: Gravity of love lyrics(anonymous)11/12/2003
It really doesn't sound like that though....
gregorian song dominic11/06/2003
quand un album de chants gregorie ????
Voyageur release in DK The girl with the boxes11/05/2003
Does anybody know when the new album is released in Denmark?!?
I am desperately waiting for it!

My message to all who like Enigma Witch Sabine11/01/2003
I like the Protject Enigma very much but I think " The Screen Behind the Mirror " and " LSD " are the best Albums ever been .

Thanks for reading my message .
RE: My message to all who like Enigma antonina26/11/2003
i just got screen behind the mirror and it's a great album, espetialy gravety of love song
RE: My message to all who like Enigma Gabe13/11/2003
My favourite one is "Le Roi Est Mort. Vive Le Roi !".
But the other ones aren't worst ."Voyageur " is really a great one.
RE: My message to all who like Enigma (anonymous)11/03/2003
LSD is a greatest hits album , so that doesn't count!
RE: RE: My message to all who like Enigma(anonymous's suppoter)11/09/2003
And nor does the Turn Around single count,either.
CONGRATULATIONS Rocio Armenta Olivo 28/10/2003
HELLO you are my heros

LIKE "gravity of love","principle of lust" and "smell of desire"
this songs are my favorite , to my sister the song of "sadness" and " mea culpa "



RE: CONGRATULATIONS Biniam Maresha25/11/2003
Well ok let'find them!!!
hello im mexican to,im very glad to see that other mexicans like enigma.
What do you think about E5?
The meanig of "Return to Innocence" lyrics Ashuram26/10/2003
I've read on many message boards and there is one question that remains common, the meaning of the lyrics in various Enigma songs. I wanna comment the lyrics of "Return to Innocence"
I believe Micheal Cretu totally declared his entire idea of what the Meaning of Life is with the album "Cross of changes"

In my oppinion, the song is about life, but also about death.

In the sence regarding Life, the song is blunt and obvious.
"If you want, then start to laugh. If you must, then start to cry. Be yourself, don't hide."

As for "return to innocence", I believe it referres to the whole idea with reincarnation, and to karma - what goes around, comes around. And when you succeed in returning to innocence (when you don't have a single grudge with anyone or anything in this world) you don't have to be reborn again to this world of light and shadow, bliss and suffering. You are free. (Mind the song "Out From the Deep")
To sum up the song, I would say that is states that you should live your life as YOU want it, JUST as long as you are good person and, to the best of your ability, avoid hurting others.

These are just my personal reflections.
Mr Cretu or anyone else, please correct me if I'm wrong.
What happened with the enigma“s sites?Angry Odiseo25/10/2003
Where are the images of the enigma-4 page, cause the website have dissapeared.
Why the enigma´s web page is not in english!!????:(
indian chanting lyricsCarlos25/10/2003
Can someone pls tell me where I can find the lyrics for thes song Indian Chanting.
RE: indian chanting lyrics Dionigi29/10/2003
Indian chanting is not ENIGMA's!!!!!!!!
This song is called DAWA (if I'm not wrong) and it's performed by The Fearsome Brave. The album is called Sacred Spirit.
RE: indian chanting lyrics Ashuram26/10/2003
Exactly which song are you referring to??
meanig of the lyrics kilik23/10/2003
i still a flesh fan of enigma
can i ask for the true mean of each lyrics or the music.It"s mysteries really attracting me to discover yet,espeacially Mea Culpa,saddeness,push the limit,Gravity of love(which i ubderstood a bit)
Thank You!
Lets party !!! joan0322/10/2003
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GameRiot videogame tour elizabethshanon21/10/2003
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Party in New Orleans samba21/10/2003
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E-5 michael20/10/2003
enigma 5 is a good ablum it take me away if you close your eyes and hear the ablum i know it take you away,
but i know they have change their stlye
if anyone agree with me write back bye...

from: new york city

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