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michael cretu is a musical genius devesh tripathi18/07/2003
i really luv enigma music and i m a die hard fan of michael cretu. i have read the biography of michael cretu and i was really impressed wid his hard work. enigma music is really soul touching and it really soothens mind and body of the listener. sandra and cretu combination is deadly and tracks like modern crusaders and gravity of love and child in us are just mindblowing. anyone interested in sharing views over my opinion can mail me at
RE: michael cretu is a musical genius Stu22/07/2003
Agree, Love all Enigma works, Nights in White Satin video, and my Favorite Cretu album is his remake of Snowing Under My Skin and Simple Obsession - Truly Brilliant.

Use Enigma music Lusaen07/11/2003
7 years ago in my city was group-ballet who danced to "Back to the Rivers of Belief"... They showed fight good vs evil... It was so beautiful!!! Does somebody know anything about making the most of Enigma music?... (sorry my english)
Is Enigma the best ambient music around? Messanger or Peace07/07/2003
ANybody voting for Enigma being the best transient and ambient music around?what y'all think?
RE: Is Enigma the best ambient music around? devesh tripathi18/07/2003
enigmas is the best ambient music around without any doubts. michael cretu is a genius and i m a die hard fan of him. my salutes to michael cretu for composing tracks like modern crusaders, gravity of love, child in us etc.. he is a musical genius and god's gift to the world. enigma music really gives pleasure to the ears of listener. all i can say is cretu, curly M.C., sandra, david fairstein, f. gregrorian etc are just fabulous and i can assure that i m their best fan on this planet.i can do anything to meet them and i wish i could join their group cuz they can teach so many things bout the music and i would love to get their tips and help.
RE: Is Enigma the best ambient music around? Klaus07/12/2003
It is Ok but not the best....
Try, for example, Sarah Brightman, Kitaro, Vangelis (not so good in the last years) Vollenweider and other... all new ager but, under my point of view, also enigma is a new age style.

Happy to read commments about this reply.

Satanic noises on CAMERA OBSCURAENIGMAFANATIC07/02/2003
if you speak spanish, and if you heard well, you will found in the song cameraobscura the words in spanish "BUENOS DIAS SEÑOR", when the song starts.
RE: Satanic noises on CAMERA OBSCURA anntarr07/06/2003
Yo hablo español y he oído varias veces la canción, pero me he dado cuenta. La oiré con atención otra vez
RE: Satanic noises on CAMERA OBSCURA anntarr07/06/2003
Yo hablo español y he oído varias veces la canción, pero me he dado cuenta. La oiré con atención otra vez
RE: RE: Satanic noises on CAMERA OBSCURAENIGMAFANATIC07/12/2003
WOW!!!!! Marina28/06/2003
Waiting has finally come to an end: The new album "VOAYGEUR" by mastermind Michael Cretu aka ENIGMA will be released at the beginning of September (Sept 8, 2003), the single of the same name two weeks earlier (Aug 25, 2003)!
Dear fans - as i understood its goint to be E5!!! Am i right coz when i got this letter i was so happy so that i dont have words to describe my feelings:))))))))

RE: WOW!!!!! Lusaen29/06/2003
Yeah !! At last :-)
Satanic Martin Modernell19/06/2003
Dear Carlos:

If my answer to your inquire, in any possible way offend to you, I want to give you my apologies.
I'm sure that most of the kind of people who listen Enigma is (for lack of a better word) educated.
The words are the better weapons who we human beings have to express our ideas, and perhaps the only way to reconciliate our differences. I'm not agree with you about if Enigma is satanic or not. Perhaps I need more proofs, so I'll be glad to hear about you in the future.

Merry returns to everyone who sent me their expresion.Some of you'll sent me some quite harsh remarks so I can say.Some of you all asked me why do I think of Enigma as being satanic.Firstly I don't have that much of evidence yet to support my cause,but believe me I am still searching.Have you all heard the Return To Innocence song backwards,in slow motion?Well I have.I had a tutor who told me how to find those satanic so called chantings in songs.But I'm still not bothered because I still listen to Return To Innocence and I like it a lot.I am not a Christian and I don't believe in Satan.But I'm just curious to find out the truth.So what the Return To Innocence video clip is backwards,which really shocked me,but I am still finding out the truth.Some of you said that Enigma so called insults Christianity and I think I can't agree more with you.One thing I want to know is wheather the lady who sang the Return To Innocence is Enya or not.Also the weird pictures found on the Cross Of Changes Album were, based on my experience,satanic.If you have any feedback or information,please do send them to me. Thank you.
RE: Satanic Diamond15/07/2003
Ive loved Enigma since I was 12 and Ive had plenty of chances to analyze the lyrics.AS a young Christian I defend Enigma because Ive heard the lyrics and read them in the albums the cross of change,MCMXC a.d, The screen behind the mirror, and Le roi est mort vive le roi.Why would a "satanic" song says,"Theres no god who ever tried to change the world in this way and for the ones who abuse his name there will be no chance to escape on judgement day."
RE: Satanic Methushelah07/05/2003
The pictures inside The Cross Of Changes booklet have indeed (so-called) satanic elements i.e. a man standing in the circle, a man standing in pentagram and a zodiak circle with triangle with writing YHWH in hebrew letters, these were all well known Kabbalistic symbols used in middle-ages for magic. n addition, William Blake who was quoted in MCMXC a.D. with words "The path of excess..." was also well known magician and some say - a Satanist.
RE: Satanic mcmxcad20/06/2003
dude, i am a producer. i do extensive work and i am always editing video and audio. anything will sound satanic if you slow it down- no matter if it's ran forwards or backwards. it all depends on what your indivdual thought of what a sataninc chant consists of and your brain perceives the sound. we all know hollywood and society have defined what a satanic chant is 'supposed' to be. so we grow up believing it and anything which sounds remotely close is a chant. did you ever consider that a satanic chant can be accompanied by harps and trumpets? regardless of how it sounds it's how the producer meant it to be, then, how you conceive it to be. finally, if you don't believe in satan, then it's a moot point.
RE: SatanicStranger17/06/2003

Go to the following link:

(if you have to, just copy and then paste it into your address bar).

Satanic Lenjon07/07/2003
I totally agree with 'MCMXCa.d'. Anything will sound sanatic if you slow it down... no matter listening it forword or backword. Why are you looking for such elements in this music? Enjoy the listening... why worry for sanatic elements... I allready listen to it for years and i didn't become a devil, or something like that! Enjoy it!
Enigma - My favourite music Quoc Viet06/09/2003
Hi everyone! My name's Viet.I love Enigma music & it's lyrics.I have all of Enigma CD but hard to find video one.i'm very happy to exchange the information about enigma music with anyone.I'm big fan of Enigma
RE: Enigma - My favourite music Andy07/07/2003
Hi i m a big fan too...I love this genre and especially Enigma...Michael cretus music is soul touching and takes u into a high level of never seen before...If u r interested in talkin and sharing info with me contact me at
Snow of the Sarah enigmasvoice06/08/2003
Did enigma do this song, when I downloaded it, enigma came up as the artist. I cannot find this song in any of the enigma albums and nothing is mentioned of it online
RE: Snow of the SarahDark_Elder06/12/2003
Emmmmmm, if my memory serves me well, that I can say this is not an Enigma-Related album, and ofkos, not made by MC.

Maybe you should check the previus part of this Message Board.
RE: Snow of the Sarah marina06/09/2003
well i have this song but im not sure that it was made by enigma anyway i have an album with this song/ the album is called 'enigma and d-emotion project'. but im not sure that it was made legally:)))
RE: RE: Snow of the SarahDiamond15/07/2003
Ive heard of the song snow of the Sahara this song was sang by aa singer named Anggun. Any real enigma fanatic would be able to tell the drastic difference
RE: RE: Snow of the Sarah (anonymous)13/06/2003
Hi, I got this album too, found also in russia (see Sleep below)... the album has an original label of virgin and reports original M.Cretu production... but on my song list there is NO Snow of Sarah (and the right title is Snow of Sahara.... try to search it with win mx or other).
I tried to search it, found it but it is not enigma... I sting it is sting and somebody has changed the name of the artist.
Hope I have helped you.

Bye klaus
Sleep... is it E5? Klaus06/07/2003
Been in Russia and found a CD titled Sleep by Enigma, edited 2003 by M. Cretu, who nows something about it?
Who can help with more info'sd about that CD?
RE: Sleep... is it E5? marina06/09/2003
well i live in Russia but ive never seen this not sure that it is real enigma5 unfortunately:))))
RE: RE: Sleep... is it E5? marina06/09/2003
by the way...when were u in Russia and where are u from?:))) i just wonder:)))
take care
RE: RE: RE: Sleep... is it E5? (anonymous)13/06/2003
Been in Russia, St Petersburg, from May 24 to June 02.
I am From Italy.

Great country... compliments.

By the way... Sleep sounds to be Enigma but still not sure.

Bye Klaus

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