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Is Enigma finally dying?Odiseo18/09/2004
What happened to Enigma, the new age style is been losed. Voyageur is so great, i mean in the lounge style, ambience, still enigma is ignorated by the great DJ, What do Michael Cretu wanted?. But i finally feel that that albumwas just for complising the fans ´cause finally enigma is falling, in USA and Latin America doesn´t exist for the common people and is being replaced for 'maskered groups' like one called Gregorian chants a identical clonation of Enigma, and the people buy it!, also ERA do it in its great times.
By the way, i think that Cretu is losing space in new age, i would be happy if in the next album Cretu surpise all of us with a colaboration with Enya, Jarre,Deep forest, also Delerium or any good DJ.
What will it be of Enigma 6?
Some says that Enigma 6 'APOCALYPSE' will be suported by the colaboration of Rock groups and Metal groups, if this is right, i think that Enigma 6 will totally surprise us with this great change, i will be happy just for listen the mixture of new age-rock, and gregrorian chants, in a good way, just remember the good times of Enigma (E1 and E2).
What do the fans want? Another Voyageur?
Another weirdness?

RE: Is Enigma finally dying?FLCL19/09/2004
if that is what you think...
that is what you will get...

i believe that enigma has come a long way
and like any living thing, will die, eventually.

but with every death, there is life
and if were lucky, we will live to see enigma spawn a new enigma later in the future.

i love all you enigma fans!
lo mejor grecia09/04/2004
Enigma is the best of the best. si quieren escribirme Haganlo. if you want write me, do it
new album berenice manriquez19/08/2004
when is coming your new album?, i am really interested in buying it, i like all your music a lot, i am from Mexico and here is a little dificult to find your music, let me know please.. thank you.. kisses...
i have a doubtwind26/07/2004
I have a doubt....Michael Cretu..doesn´t believe in God??... or he just doesn´t believe in religion??..because his lyrics are something...very spiritual , right?
so...can you tell me?
RE: i have a doubt Enigma14/08/2004
I do not think so,may be his lyrics are do express someting with God!Becauee, in his songs,I can hear the sound of heaven.Can you feel,this?
RE: RE: i have a doubtwind13/09/2004
yes , I feel so , I feel like in heaven when I hear enigma!! It´s beautiful!
self introspection rahul24/07/2004
enigma is unique&their music is celestial.without a shadow of a doubt,they`re quite exhilirating&quite unmatched.
RE: self introspectionwind25/07/2004
you`re absolutly right my friend....
Is there anything new about E6?
I've been away from a computer for a while and just thought I'd ask.

Well, I'll come back soon.


RE: Odiseo,hello?Odiseo08/03/2004
Hello Enigmafans for now i can tell us that Enigma 6 name will be Apocalypse and will be released in december 2005.

And so i´ve been heard that the Final Disk will probably be realeased in 2009.
RE: Odiseo,hello?Ashuram23/07/2004
I don't think there is gonna be any Enigma6 for a LONG time.
in 3 years maybe?
Or have I missed something!?!
Please say that I have!
RE: RE: Odiseo,hello?FLCL24/07/2004
YES, you have missed somthings.
read some of the older posts

michael cretu julio cesar baltazar terrazas07/10/2004
congratulations for your great succex, i wish you the better
rr ramy25/06/2004
i like enigma sooooooo much i wanna photo of them
RE: rrAshuram23/07/2004
There is no group photo (any that I've seen or heard of anyway) because Enigma is not a real group. It's only one of Michael Cretus projects.
RE: RE: rr Maximus25/07/2004
I hound a long time ago a single photo of Michael Cretu. I'm sensing it to you my mail.
The eyes of truth Rika22/06/2004
Does anyone know what the prominant woodwind instrument is after the woman sings??? Please help.
Hola Angel19/06/2004
Soy Angel de Cuba. Me gusta Enigma el que desee hablar conmigo me puede escribir.
magicnews eva surga14/06/2004
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My dream...FLCL06/08/2004
I dreamed about this message board and some one posted that Enigma 7 was due for a 2007 release and suposedly all the songs on the album were all really complexlly combined versions of all the orignal Enigma songs like "The Voice of Enigma" "The Second Chapter""Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!" "The Gate", and "From East To West" all into one song.

This was a really interesting dream to me and I hope it's interesting to you

RE: My dream...Promoon14/06/2004
RE: My dream... Odiseo06/09/2004
Michael Cretu in an Interview about Voyageur, he said he will make a Big Concert when Enigma 7 been released.
I will make a lot of effort to travel to Germany to see that Concert in 2007.
Fans be prepared!!!!
RE: RE: My dream... arvind15/07/2004
sure i should see the concert...... iam waiting for it
RE: RE: My dream... arvind15/07/2004
sure i should see the concert...... iam waiting for it
RE: RE: My dream... arvind15/07/2004
sure i should see the concert...... iam waiting for it
RE: RE: My dream... arvind15/07/2004
sure i should see the concert...... iam waiting for it
freindly charbel 30/05/2004
hello im a very big freind of enigma i like very well ca le roi et mort
New Web Site(anonymous)25/05/2004

For You...

Enigma Turkey Web Sites...

Web Master: Emrah Tunca

The Light and With Love
New CD Chad Walsberg19/05/2004
I heard on this site that the next Enigma
CD was going to be called Apocalypse. Is
this true??? Maybe you guys can give me
some feedback on this?? I also heard
that is was due out this year.

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