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RE: Metamorphosis EchoSep 4, 06:04
As far as I know this was originally a russian bootleg album. It's not produced by MC, but still there are many great songs that worth a listen.
TrackList follows:

1. IV Chapter
2. Light Of Your Smile - the only true Enigma track on the album (b-side to 'Beyond the Invisible')
3. Metamorphosis
4. Start-To-End
5. Responsorium I
6. Snow Of The Sahara - by Anggun
7. Sensing The Spheres
8. Black Moon Dance
9. By The Moon - by Anggun
10. Responsorium II
11. Ancient Person Of My Heart - by Divine Works
12 Ancient Person Of My Heart (le tonnere dance mix) - by Divine Works

bye, Echo
RE: RE: Metamorphosis AntistenSep 3, 20:18
Well if it is not ENIGMA album,
what is it?
there are many similarity with Enigma
RE: RE: RE: Metamorphosis robSep 3, 23:59
snow on the sahara is a tune by a woman named Anggun. she happens to be one my favorite artits. her album is called 'snow on the sahara', and she has another called 'chrysalis'. i'd highly recommend her. keoSep 3, 19:52
whats up!
i think that the new single turn aroun must be included in the screen behind the mirror ,
and also i say:
Why in mexico finding this music is
like finding an earring in the sand!
the dvd is almost invisible.

and other thing for dalzotto
please add your videos in mpg or mp3
real player is very predictable when it wants to fail.

So Cretu.
make your page accesible!
RE: webmasterSep 4, 03:52
Hi there,

Mpeg videos or MP3 format is not legal. I uploaded Real Audio just for Preview.
It is supposed that fans will buy the CDs, videos and DVDs.

was i first? samadhi78@yahoo.comSep 3, 19:33
just wondering. of course i'm a fan, or i wouldn't be here. so email me sometime.

RE: was i first? webmasterSep 3, 19:49
Hi Rob,

thanks. yes, you were the first one !! Congrats. I do not promise you to email to you but this could be a good way to contact each other !!

RE: RE: was i first? robSep 3, 19:52
you should include a webpa
ge or email field to this thing.
RE: RE: RE: was i first? webmasterSep 3, 19:54
Yes, Rob,

you're right. I will include a email field for this in the near future.
Welcome Aboard Osvaldo - WebmasterSep 3, 18:59
Dear Enigma Fans,

Now you can post your questions, opinions, and find new Enigma fans thru this Open Enigma Discussion Board. It is not necessary to register to post messages.

Enjoy it !!
THE OXIGENO OF ENIGMA Esteban Nieves GarciaSep 8, 14:23
Hola fanatico de enigma me llamo esteban nieves garcia soy de tehuacan puebla (mexico) amo la musica de enigma y queiciera ser uno de los fans de enigama quiciera de cirle ha todos los que les gusta esta musica que "no ay un sonido mar hermoso que la de enigma" y quiciera chatear algun dia con los compas de este manssager bye.

hola cuate osvaldo gracias por los imeil y sigue escribiendo aunque no se hablar mucho yngles pero un poco cuidate amigo bye.

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