My name is Osvaldo Dalzotto. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I studied programming analysis. But when I discovered Internet some years ago I began to study and try everything about this "new world".

I've been working for companies that needed, among other things, works related to Internet, and though I'm still doing that task for them, I think it's time for me to do it for my own so I'm also designing web sites, Flash sites and dynamic sites as an independent job.
You can visit my personal site at:

The Enigma Lyrics Page was my very first work in Internet in 1996 and it was hosted by Geocities until April 2001. This year I decided to register the domain and re-design the whole site. It took me two weeks of my free time to do it and I hope you all enjoy it.

I will be adding new features to the site as I have enough time.

The music I like most is electronic one. I started with Vangelis in the early 80's, following with Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Yellow Magic Orchestra, dance music, Depeche Mode, Human League, Propaganda, Soft Cell, Marc Almond, Tears for Fears, OMD, Bryan Ferry, etc. 

Now, although I still keep on listening to those groups, I also listen to a more ambient music such as Enigma (my favourite), Delerium, Beautiful World and Enya, etc.